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California Bail Bonds

Pasadena Bail Bonds Telephone888-899-2827

Tapout Bail Bonds has dedicated themselves to getting people out of jail quickly, affordably, and with as little stress as possible. They’ll explain the process thoroughly and then walk you through each step until you are reunited with your loved one.

When dealing with Tapout’s professional bail agents, you will always…
• Receive the lowest possible rates
• Be offered no interest financing if necessary
• Be provided a safe, secure, and non-judgmental environment for you to conduct your business
• Be treated with dignity and respect you deserve

Don’t waste another minute, let our knowledgeable staff assist you now!

Free Consultation

Tapout Bail Bonds has dedicated themselves to getting people out of jail quickly, affordable, and with as little stress as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Unmatched Services

• Signature Bonds

• Flexible & Realistic Payment Options

• No Interest Financing

• Bail By Email (New)

• House Calls

• Appearance In Court

• Warrant Walk-Throughs

• Assistance with PC 1275 Compliance

• State & Nationwide Service

Local Bail Bondsmen Near You

There are 14 different Tapout locations spread across California. Don't hesitate to contact us today so we can help you bring your loved one or close friend back to you.

• San Jose

• Santa Ana

• Salinas

• Santa Cruz

• San Francisco

• San Diego

• Redwood City

• Martinez

• Los Angeles

• Fremont

• Murrieta

• Temecula

• Vista

• Chula Vista


"Great bail bond company that is reliable and reputable to work with in California. We send all our clients to Tapout Bail Bonds for our California clients."

Ryan Wells Bail Bonds - Jacksonville Bail Bonds

"These are good people who want to help people get out of jail."

Negin Yamini - Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

"I would recommend them to anyone who needs bail bonds."

Jeff Voll - Los Angeles DUI Attorney

"When I have clients in trouble I always tell people go to Tap Out Bail Bonds."

Tom Beck - San Diego Criminal Attorney & Orange County Criminal Attorney


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