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Our Bail Bond Services in California

Flexible & Realistic Payment Options

Today's economic climate is dismal leaving families with much less accessible money on hand at one time. Tapout Bail Bonds understands this problem and does not hold it against you. That is why we offer flexible and realistic payment plans to make the bail bonds process affordable for you and your family.

Should you or someone you know have the need for a bail bond, let Tapout Bail Bonds work with you to find the right plan for your budget.

No Interest Financing

It is hard and sometimes impossible to get credit in today's world. However, should you opt for our easy to qualify for payment program, Tapout Bonds will not only extend credit to you, we will not charge one cent of interest on those payments.

Signature Bonds

Signature Bonds are bail bonds that are written without taking collateral to secure the bond. What that means is that the co-signer of the bail bond is taking contractual liability of the bail bond without actually pledging real-estate or something of value (i.e. cars, boats, jewelry). Tapout Bail Bonds posts most all of their bonds without collateral so long as the defendant is not a high flight risk or the bail amount is not excessively high.

Bail By Email

The innovative staff at Tapout Bail Bonds utilizes email in many cases to expedite and simplify the bail bonds process for your convenience. Believe it or not, we can complete all the forms that are required to get a person out of jail with just a couple simple email transmissions. You no longer have to leave work or home to complete the bail bonds process.

House Calls

Yes there is a company that still offers the personal touch when others don't. Tapout Bail Bonds has a full staff of agents that work around the clock to service our clients and are available to make house calls to complete the documents required to bail someone out of jail.

Appearances in Court

Occasionally defense attorneys or clients request a bail agent to be on standby at court in the event the court intends to remand the defendant into custody due to a bail increase or similar circumstance. Our knowledgable agents are prepared, even with little notice, to be present and ready to post bond in open court so that the client may remain out of custody.

Warrant Walkthroughs

If you have a warrant for your arrest Tapout Bail Bonds can help. Most police agencies allow bail agents to post bail directly at their facility without the client ever setting foot into a jail cell. There are even some agencies that will allow the bail agent to post the bail without the client even having to be present. Once the bail has been posted, the warrant is removed from the system and the client is no longer subject to arrest.

Assistance With PC 1275 Compliance

In some instances arrestees have a hold placed on their bail because the court wants to verify that the funds and/or collateral used to obtain a bail bond did not come from the crime or any other illicit source. The agents at Tapout Bail Bonds are well versed in these matters and can assist you in compiling the proper documentation to comply with this code section and satisfy the court.


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