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Vista Bail Bonds

Do you have a loved one in the Vista Jail? Do you have questions about how to get them back home? Take a few minutes to view this page and familiarize yourself with the basics, then call our office and let one of our qualified and professional agents walk you through the process.

When someone is arrested in North County San Diego, that person is taken to the Vista Detention Facility located at 325 Melrose Drive in Vista, CA. The arrestee will go through the booking process that consists of their personal and arrest information being entered into the jail system. Further, that person’s picture and fingerprints are also taken at this point. Booking of an arrestee generally takes 2 to 4 hours.

Upon completion of the booking process, bail is then set. The bail amount is established by the alleged nature of crime, the person’s criminal history (if any), and ties to the community i.e. family, work and length of time locally. At this point the arrestee becomes eligible to have their bail posted for release.

We, at Tapout Bail Bonds, understand that a person’s arrest never occurs at a convenient time and is not normally an expected occurrence. For this reason, we offer many different options to our clients in order to get them out of jail now. Please feel free to view our “Services” page to see the array of options that best suites your situation or call our local office and have one of experienced agents explain them to you.

Tapout Bail Agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will always treat you with dignity and respect. Give us a call today at 760-451-2245. There is no obligation to use us and your bail consultation is free.

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